Keep on the Shadowfell

Adventuring Party

We are currently looking for more members to join our intrepid band in hunting Irontooth and discovering the source of his power. We run an online campaign using Skype, stream (for the tactical board) and your sense of adventure!

House rules:

  • The DM makes all the dice rolls until we can find a virtual dice server that works for everyone.
  • Exploration and story always come first. That being said, are all pretty new to the 4e so short pauses to check the player’s handbook is acceptable.

Other than that we’re here to have fun!

The first day

While on the King’s road towards Winterhaven, Koba and Alain were ambushed by a vicious band of Kobolds whom after some difficult combat, were readily defeated. Koba managed to successfully interrogate the leader of the Kobold band who eventually relayed the information that Irontooth was pay-rolling the local kobolds to waylay anyone who travelled up the road. Koba released the Kobold but not before exacting justice on the lizard leader by cutting off his hand.


Later that evening, the two adventurers entered the town of Winterhaven and rented a room a the Wrafton’s Inn. They gathered the information that Kobolds were regularly attacking the local population and that the villagers were too scared to take up arms against them. The Lord of Winterhaven – Padraig – contracts Koba and Alain to find out why the Kobolds are riled up and offers them 150gp to find their leader.

Wrafton Inn

The next morning, Koba and Alain find that a market is taking place outside just outside their room. They refresh their provisions and make their way east as per the directions that Padgraig gave them. Just outside of town, the two are waylayed by another band of Kobolds, only this time they brought an evil Kobold Wyrmpriest with them. After a short battle (and due to some amazing perception checks) the Kobolds are handily defeated and the adventurers carry on with their quest.

Kobold Revenge


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